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·       Avoid creams that contain Retin-A or Retinol for at least 60 days.

· You must not have taken Accutane or any prescribed acne medications for one year. There are NO exceptions to this rule. 

·       Avoid booking your appointment during your menstrual cycle, because it can increase pain sensitivity.

·       Do not take aspirin, niacin, blood thinners for three days before your procedure, unless medically necessary. Tylenol is fine. 

·       Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight for three days before your procedure. 

·       Do not have any waxing, threading, or tinting treatments within one week of your appointment. 

·      You must not have any chemical peels, microdermabrasions, mesotherapy for at least 60 days  before a microblading procedure

·       Do not drink alcohol, coffee, energy drinks, or caffeinated teas for 24 hours before your procedure.


To ensure proper healing and achieve the best results, follow these instructions. 

·       Note: Your eyebrows will look twice as dark and twice as thick during the healing process. Be patient and have no worries! Your eyebrows will lose 10-20%  (or more) of the color intensity as well as the thickness when they are fully healed.

Do not use bleach, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or any lightening products to change their appearance!

·       Use ONLY the aftercare package we provide, and follow the detailed instructions.

·       Do not scratch, rub, or pick at your scabs – that will remove the implanted pigment. It is very important that you allow scabbing to flake off naturally.

·       Do NOT use water on your eyebrows for 7-10 days until the scabs are gone. 

·       You may resume the use of your skincare products on the face except the forehead and brow area.

·       You may wear your daily makeup, but NOT on your eyebrows.

·       Keep out of direct sunlight, wear a hat. We recommend clients to bring a hat on the procedure day.

·       Exercise is allowed after 7 days. If you work out regularly and sweat excessively during the healing time, your eyebrows will have a poor color retention when they heal.

·       Note: smoking will cause the pigment to fade prematurely.

·       Remember: Your aftercare will determine the success of your treatment.


  • Skin type
  •  Immune system
  • Medications
  • Smoking
  • Lifestyle (exercising, sauna..)
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